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Program Notes:

·          Effective June 2016, we have made a few adjustments to our program schedule:

·          Afternoon Remedy with Jeannie Evans moves from Thursday at noon to Wednesday at 5:00PM, following repeat of the week's The Big Show with Mark Persky.

·          Jazz at Y-A-R with Carl Bradford returns to the lunch hour on Thursday.

·          With an ever-increasing number of excellent repeat episodes of Tuesday Afternoon with Laura available, another hour of Tuesday afternoon (5:00PM) will be graced by a past episode of Laura Houck. Her live-mic show continues to be 1:00-2:00PM Tuesday.


Who’s that girl?:

·          Meet Anya Kohan, WYAR’s student intern this spring, and that perky new voice you are hearing between some sets. Anya is a Senior at Cape Elizabeth High School, and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer because WYAR is her favorite radio station! Really, now, are we going to turn down a request like THAT?? Within three days, she was in the driver’s seat playing her personal favorites (if you can fathom a seventeen year old with a lot of personal favorites on WYAR), and a splendid job of it she did, too! She will be attending Clark University this fall, and we’ll miss her. Thank you, Anya!!




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