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WYAR 88.3 fm



Copyright 2007-2014 Heritage Radio Society Inc.

Last Updated:   October 20, 2014

Heritage Radio Society Inc

PO Box 414   Yarmouth ME  04096

 Business Line: (207) 650-0581

Studio Direct Line: (207) 847-3169 


To contact us:

Heritage Radio Society Inc, licensee and operator of WYAR-FM, is a 501(c)-3 non-profit corporation and member of

 - The Maine Association of Non Profit Organizations (MANP)

- The Network For Good Community

- Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce

- Maine Association of Broadcasters

Yarmouth (Greater Portland) Maine USA

Program Notes:

- By popular demand (!) so “the kids” can share it each week (!!), Old Parlor Radio (WYAR’s weekly hour of old-time radio programming) moves an hour earlier, to 8:00PM Saturday evening. Martini Mix with Mike Martin starts now at 6:00PM, and Banjo Perspectives with Peter Mezoian at 5:00PM.


- The Scratchy Grooves Project adds an additional hour Saturday evening at 9:00PM, following Old Parlor Radio.



In September of 2014, WYAR-FM celebrated seventeen years of broadcasting “from deep underground on the far end of the Snodgrass Memorial Bridge”, and in July we celebrated the 80th birthday of our founder, Gary King. Slowed down by Parkinson’s disease, in the last few years Gary has been turning over more and more management and operations responsibility to others, but he remains active and doing what he loves most as Chief Operator and Chief Broadcast Engineer. No  matter what happens, Gary will always remain our inspiration and guiding star! (Photo: Gary with Tuesday Afternoon DJ Laura Houck in Studio A, July 2014)